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Purpose of the Polaris Users Group (PUG)


As stated in the Bylaws, the Polaris Users Group was formed to:

  • Serve as a forum to influence the development and improvement of the Polaris ILS.
  • Offer input to Polaris Library Systems, now Innovative Interfaces Inc. (III), on the development of the Polaris ILS software.
  • Improve communication and relationships among members, and between members and III.
  • Gather and share information on the use of Polaris products among members.
  • Coordinate and prioritize member requests for development, documentation and support by III.
  • Represent the community of Polaris ILS users in dealings with III. The organization is understood to speak for its members and not on behalf of III.
  • Serve as a resource about the Polaris ILS to the general library community

The Polaris Users Group was formed in 2002 as an independent organization of Polaris customers. The activities of the Users Group are coordinated by a Steering Committee elected by the membership.


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